Calley + Ty // Awaiting Winter

This Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower was phenomenal, so well thought out & creative. Guests arrived, signed a vintage Alice in Wonderland book for baby Winter, & picked up a key. At the end of the shower, each person checked to see if their key opened a chest with a gift inside (loved this idea). The table centerpieces were incredibly detailed, featuring tiny little vintage books & china sets. On the back wall under a sign that read "Winter's Wonderland" hung a vintage blue dress, which happened to be Calley's Grandmother's wedding dress. The Donna Vandy cake was beautiful AND delicious. 

It was pretty much perfect!

I had so much fun photographing all of the details & loved finishing off the shower with a mini maternity session for the parents-to-be. 

Winter is due to arrive in a little over a month & I'm certain she will be greeted with love that is truly magical.

Congratulations, Calley & Ty!