Channing & Jordan

Channing contacted me a while back to book a session for her and Jordan, she already knew then she wanted to do something a little different. 

I brainstormed & drove around all kinds of places in the London area looking for something that wouldn't be the same 'ole same, but I was just coming up short. Then, Channing suggested a tree farm & since there isn't one locally (that I know of) we ended up heading north to Baldwin Farms in Richmond. I had been there before, back in early college, but I was having trouble remembering a lot about it. 

The photographer inside of me got way when we pulled up and I realized there were endless opportunities for photos AND the sun was going to set in the most perfect place possible.


I'll be honest & say, sometimes I hate nearly every photo I take at a session & other times it's like the stars just line up, the sun is perfect, the place is perfect, the people are perfect, & I just can't get enough of the photos. This session was definitely one of the latter. 

Special thanks to Jordan (& Channing on occasion as you'll see below) for pulling that wagon around the entire farm just so we could haul my stuff & use it for photos. Ya'll are the best! 

Here's to love & 2016!