Calley + Ty // Awaiting Winter

This Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower was phenomenal, so well thought out & creative. Guests arrived, signed a vintage Alice in Wonderland book for baby Winter, & picked up a key. At the end of the shower, each person checked to see if their key opened a chest with a gift inside (loved this idea). The table centerpieces were incredibly detailed, featuring tiny little vintage books & china sets. On the back wall under a sign that read "Winter's Wonderland" hung a vintage blue dress, which happened to be Calley's Grandmother's wedding dress. The Donna Vandy cake was beautiful AND delicious. 

It was pretty much perfect!

I had so much fun photographing all of the details & loved finishing off the shower with a mini maternity session for the parents-to-be. 

Winter is due to arrive in a little over a month & I'm certain she will be greeted with love that is truly magical.

Congratulations, Calley & Ty! 

Linsey + Matt // Awaiting Avary

Pretty fond of this couple & already in love with little Avary Kate.

She's due to arrive in 4 weeks-- yay! 

So, that means be on the lookout for her on the blog soon :).

Kiffen + Brandon // Awaiting Grayson

Little Grayson

arrived before I was able to finish his Mom & Dad's maternity session photos.

I knew my best friend would make a wonderful Mother & seeing her become one has been one of the greatest things ever. When we took these pictures she was ready for him to come, but I'm not sure she ever expected how great her love for him really would be. 

Be on the lookout for his birth video coming soon :).