Lindsey + Quentin // Engaged

I love proposals.

Photographing them does make me nervous though, like way more nervous than any other kind of event. The kind of nervous where you kind of forget what you're doing & lose your ability to give direction or think or speak. Maybe it's trying to keep the secret & seem discrete while keeping my excitement at minimum [I'm not good at that].

But as nervous as I was, I think Quentin probably had me beat. 

With the help of Lindsey's sister, Kelsey, he had been planning this for a long time & if you didn't know it's a pretty big deal to ask someone to be yours forever. Thankfully, he pulled it off wonderfully.

His location choice. His ring choice. His future wifey choice. Yep, Quentin is winning!

And Lindsey, well, she's winning too & it's written all over her face. 

Congratulations, Future Mr. & Mrs. Miles!