Growing up my Momma always had a camera in her hand. It feels like she captured every milestone or significant moment in my life. I love looking back on those memories she gathered over the years. It always fills my mind with wonder and my heart with joy, if only for moment I'm taken back in time and it’s almost like I can relive that moment again. Those photos and videos she captured are some of my most prized possessions and part of the reason I’m doing this today.

 In 2012, alongside my Momma, I picked up a “real” camera for the first time and starting shooting videos. A hobby quickly grew into a small business and a passion for capturing the beauty that lies within and around us.

To me, my best work lies in capturing natural moments; portraying people just as they are. I strive to create clean, crisp, & fun imagery, while keeping my style as simple & true as possible. I believe that we are all created perfectly imperfect. I love freckles, sun spots, wrinkles, and misplaced hair-- all the things that make you, you & I leave those details in my photos. 

Jesus loves you the way you are & I do too. 

 I do this because I love people and I love their stories. I do it because I want others to be able to relive the greatest moments of their lives, just like I can.