Jorden + Blake // SLHS PROM 2016 // A Midsummer Night's Dream

I always love photographing Jorden & when she contacted me about doing a prom session I got super excited. I asked her if she had any ideas for their session & she mentioned the woods. 

Then, she sent me a picture of her dress & that's all it took, I was inspired. 

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas & will basically do whatever it takes to make them happen. Like, spending an entire day driving around looking for the right woods with my Mom because just any woods won't do. And then decide we need a boat &/or canoe & spending an entire other day driving around looking in junk yards, asking everyone I know for boats (yes, we actually did that).

And that's when the Rockcastle River Trading Company came through big time-- the most enchanted woods, beside the Rockcastle River, AND THEY HAD A CANOE! #heckyes

I thought we had it all figured out, until the day rolled around & we realized this canoe, well, it's a little bit (okay, a lot) heavier than we thought. That's where Rod & Wilma came through-- our saving grace. They carried our canoe & as you can see below, it wasn't that simple. I'm pretty sure I can still hear my Mom laughing during this entire canoe carrying adventure. She maybe almost peed her pants. She's the best for always being my helping hand! We had so much fun with this struggle. Thank you, Rod & Wilma, you're the best!

Okay, so that was an adventure, but let's get to the really great part. It's safe to say all of our hunting & carrying & sweating paid off, because these pictures, well, I'm in love with them.

Jorden & Blake are absolutely adorable.

Dang near perfect, actually. 

Jorden told me Blake hated pictures, but I've decided he must like anything that involves being with her, because he pretty much rocked it. Thank you both so much for allowing me to take your photos AND for being up for my possibly insane ideas. I hope you had the time of your lives at prom!

[A huge thank you to the Carloftis family for being awesome & generous.]