Rustic Farm Table For Sale

Since we've been living on "The Farm" my hubby and uncle have been delving their hands into all kinds of projects--fencing, gardening, painting, restoring. My cousin, Matt, decided to bring his carpentry skills and join in on the fun. This awesome farm table is their first build and I LOVE IT. In fact, I wouldn't mind to keep it for myself, but I'm told they have to make some money for new tools & new projects.


So, that's what makes it so great. It has a few imperfections, but even more character! The wood was literally rescued from a burn pile in Bush, so you could say it's lucky to be here. It's accented with original hinges from the barn it was born from, measures 79" x 38" x 31", and has a grey vintage tabletop finish.

If you're looking for the perfect rustic kitchen table with a great story, this is it.

Interested? Call 606-682-8297

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