I love real moments & real people. I like to keep it real. 

 My beginnings with my camera started as videography; capturing moments as they happen. That's the same style I want to continue to portray through both my films & my photos. 

To me, my best work lies in capturing natural moments; portraying people just as they are. I strive to create clean, crisp, & fun imagery, while keeping my style as simple & true as possible. I believe that we are all created perfectly imperfect. I love freckles, sun spots, wrinkles, and misplaced hair-- all the things that make you you & I leave those details in my photos. Jesus loves you the way you are & I do too. I feed off of natural light & only use artificial lighting when absolutely necessary, for example in a dark reception hall. I love photographing people in their everyday environments; families in & around their homes, a newborn in the hospital, a senior on their sports field, or simply any place significant to my clients. (P.S. I do not have an indoor studio space). I strive to make every session & film unique. 

If you're looking for a style different from mine, I would still love to chat with you, as I know many great photographers & videographers with wonderful, unique styles who I would highly recommend to meet your needs! 

If my style is what you're looking for, please contact me & tell me your ideas & needs. We will work together to create something unique!