Jorden // Senior 2016

Jorden helped me out back in August or September (my memory is terrible, guys) by being a model for a session in a beautiful field. When she asked me to do her senior pictures I was so excited-- she's incredibly photogenic & so sweet. She makes my job super easy. 

Then she said she wanted to base all of her photos around dance & sent me a few photos that she liked. I immediately started trying to brainstorm locations, but I was coming up short. We needed places with a lot of color & spunk & if you haven't looked around, London just doesn't have very much of that. Long story short, we ended up going to Somerset for her session with the help of location ideas from Dani Ford & Talara Hewitt (both amazing photographers from Somerset that you should check out, ASAP). 

I have to admit, I was a little nervous for our session. I LOVE unique ideas, but I know absolutely nothing about dance. I'm lucky to do the cha-cha-slide correctly. So, giving Jorden pose ideas just wasn't in the cards for me. Luckily, this girl is amazing & she had endless ideas. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure she can do absolutely anything. 

I did have one idea, though. When we pulled up to the first location, I immediately thought, "I want her to do that splits on those yellow rails." However, I was thinking just down one rail & figured it would probably be impossible so I never mentioned it to Jorden. Then, we're standing there on the steps & she says, "I want to try to do the splits standing between these, but I don't think my legs are long enough." And I have to be honest, I freaked out on the inside because I wanted her to try so bad, but I didn't think her legs were long enough either. Then, low and behold, with the tiniest amount of assistance the girl wraps her feet around the rails & IS DOING THE SPLITS BETWEEN THEM. And, I'm just standing there in shock & realize "Oh crap, I need to be taking pictures!" Jorden was able to hold the pose for long enough to do several different things with her arms & in those moments I realized she's a strong as an ox. 

She continued to amaze me throughout her session-- it really was so much fun! I'm still thrilled she chose me to do her photos. 

Jorden, I hope you have a senior year that is as awesome as you!